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Send out Invitations to Enter your Contest

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Now you can send out invitations to enter your contest!

You have the option of importing email addresses one at a time or upload your list via a CSV file.  Plus you’ll have the ability to customize the invite including who the email is coming from, the subject line and the message which can include merge values.

How does it work?
You can schedule your contest invitations to enter your contest at the beginning of your giveaway or a few days or weeks into your contest – the choice is up to you.


Share the invitations

What are the mail merge values?

Mail merge values will allow you to customize the contest invitation for each recipient.  You have a few options to choose from including, first name, last name, contest name, and contest url.

Mail Merge

How can I get more people to participate in my contest?

Inviting people to enter your contest is a no-brainer, but why not add extra incentive by gifting them with some bonus points before they ever visit your contest.  To do this use the import contestants feature.

Be sure to include  “Viral Share Entry“:

We create a custom tracking link that you can ask your contestants to share (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) to enter your contest. The link allows us to track and enter your contestants, plus it’s a great way to promote your contest!

Whats the difference between invites and sign ups?

Along with the option to send invites to people to enter your contest we also have an option for people to sign-up to be notified when your contest starts. For more information about sign ups, please check out this post.

Additional Contest TIPS:

Questions, comments or suggestions? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and get started on a contest by clicking right –> HERE.

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