running a contest on facebook

Publishing a Contest to Facebook Page Tabs

Now you can easily publish a contest to your Facebook page tabs!

Ways to run a facebook page contest

Setting up Publish a Contest to Facebook Page Tabs:

After you create your contest, it’s easy to publish your contest to Facebook Page Tabs. All we need is your permission to connect to your Facebook page.

There is two ways you can set this up:

  1. From your account page
  2. Directly from the promotion bar which is located on your contest settings page.

Publish bar Permissions

Once you have connected your Facebook pages, you have some options for publishing.


Facebook page add options


  1. Page: Choose the page you wish to publish to.  Please note that you can only publish one contest to one page at a time.
  2. Tab label:  Add the name of your contest to the tab label feature, or allow the default name of ‘contest’ to appear.
  3. Position: Choose the placement of your tab.
  4. Publish: Choose the date you would like your tab to appear; immediately or when your contest starts.
  5. Remove: Have us automatically remove the tab from Facebook when your contest ends.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Shoot us off an email at [email protected]

Happy Contesting!


Contest TIPS:

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