email list integration

Rewards Fuel Email List Integrations

Seamlessly integrate your Rewards Fuel giveaways with email marketing software providers Mailchimp and Aweber to import directly to your lists by using our Newsletter Entry Method.

Once email list integration is accomplished with your email service provider, select the mailing list you’d like to have associated with your entry option. As entrants use the email entry option, they’ll click a radio button and then click ‘Enter!’

Rewards Fuel ensures everyone who enters your contest is double opted-in and willing to receive your newsletters.

Savvy marketers and bloggers know how important building newsletter lists can be for your brand:

  • Build relationships with prospects
  • Learn more about your followers preferences
  • Deliver content with options for sharing
  • Push sales

We’re proud to offer these integrations to help your list grow. If you have any questions specific to these new integration or a suggested one for your the provider you’d like to see, please leave a comment below or email [email protected] 

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  • Is it possible to export the entered email address subscriptions to newsletters without a 3rd party CRM? Like is there an export email address feature to CSV or spreadsheet?