How to Create a Private Contest: Unlock + Enter with a Secret Code

Target Locations (or Block) with Contest Marketing

Updated! 22 Popular Contesting Websites to Post Your Contest

Award Digital Prizes on your Contests

Video Contest : Vote for your Favorite Blue Bloods Episode

MailChimp List Keeper: How to Keep Subscribers on Your MailChimp Newsletter

A Guide to Winning with Contest Marketing

Entry methods

market entry methods

Choose Your Marketing Tools: AKA Contest Entry Methods

Choose your marketing tools! Or in this case we mean contest entry methods; here is the most up-to-date list of our entry methods available. You can combine as many different methods into your contest as you like, but we recommend choosing between 4...

Gain App Installs

Want to Gain App Installs?

Gain App installs with a Rewards Fuel contest! A little incentive never hurt right? ” Now you can say, Install our App to be entered to win our contest”  You can promote an Apple App Store or Google Play link and the entry is triggered...

Grow following on Spotify

Grow Your Following on Spotify

Grow your following on Spotify with a Rewards Fuel contest! Whether you’re a curator of playlists and you’re looking to grow your following on spotify or you’re an artist or label with the goal of increasing listens and awareness...


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