8 Ways To Revitalize Your Newsletter

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With the increase in junk email and spam and the rise of tech companies like Slack, many are calling into question the use of email campaigns as an effective marketing strategy. However, email marketing isn’t dead.

It’s expected there will be more than 4.9 billion email accounts by 2017 and, with the average office worker receiving 80 emails a day, it’s easy to see that email still drives most business.

Some points to consider:

  1. Increase Conversions
    Increasing your conversion rates (the number of ‘take-ups’ resulting from the email activity) is absolutely crucial. Let’s say your goal is to increase your sales by 50%. How would you do it? Producing 50% more content? 50% more time, effort and money into marketing? or simply creating giveaway? Sometimes just a small tweak can lead to significant improvement in your conversion rates.
  1. Diversified Approach for a Diversified Audience
    More and more business has moved to the Internet. The cost to reach your audience is dramatically less and you have greater flexibility when it comes to changing your message or offer. Successful marketing requires more than being a “one-trick pony.” You can’t just blog, or just do email marketing, or just be on Facebook. You need to diversify, and integrate, your efforts.
  1. Seamless Transition from Prospect to Customer
    Most sales are made when a relationship is fostered between a business and prospect on a personal level. Email newsletters are a great way to build this relationship. The people who sign up for your newsletter do so because they are genuinely interested in your business. All you have to do is prove to them that you value their time and interest and you’ll covert them into life-time customer.
  1. Repeat Customers
    Studies have shown that on average around 14% of shoppers are repeat customers. However, 40% of your business will come from just 8% of your customers. There are number of tactics you can add into your life cycle marketing strategy to improve the conversion from first time customer to repeat customer.
  1. Getting the word out
    People share stuff they like through different mediums. That stuff may be your written content, pictures/infographics, podcasts or videos. Make your content ‘share-worthy’ and people will definitely want to share. The ‘share-ability’ of your content ranks above your choice of format, so focus on that.
  1. Revitalize your list with Contests and Giveaways
    Contests, sweepstakes and creating giveaway in social media are a great way to fuel your email list. Using a Lead Magnet to offer an irresistible bribe in exchange for information is a great way to create conversation and grow. People love the idea of winning, so incite the possibility of something free. You’ll be amazed by the response, especially when the prize or giveaway item is specifically targeted to a achieve a specific goal.
  1. Content Marketing
    Using content as a vehicle to getting your foot in the door of many prospective customers is still trendy. It is so easy to get this going once you have a regular email newsletter primed up. After all, what makes a quality newsletter if not content?
  1. Content Optimization
    If content has proven to be valuable, then that value can be optimized. Use the “write once, use repeatedly,” method and your newsletter content will be fed by,and will feed, a couple other sources. This ultimately enhances the quality and share-ability of your content.

    To Conclude

    If Creating Giveaway done right, email marketing data and social data can be used to create high value and personalized messaging. This will provide your company with great ROI and highlight the potential still held by email campaigns.

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