Giveaway ideas – perfect prizes

Giveaway ideas – perfect prizes

So, you want to run a contest, but you aren’t sure of exactly what to offer as your prize?  In this post, we are going to give you some giveaway ideas on what prizes you should offer.

Offering a great prize is key to getting lots of entries and, while being creative helps, it’s still nice to get the biggest bang for your prize buck (check out our post on marketing giveaway ideas).

We searched the web and found some great resources of where you can get some great marketing giveaway ideas for your next contest:

  1. Great gadgets under $100 from
  2. Appealing to a tech-savvy crowd?  Check out CNET’s list of best Tech under $100.
  3. POPSUGAR has a pretty well-rounded list for both men and women.
  4. The Sharper Image has lots of cool items I personally wouldn’t mind winning.
  5. ELLE has a list of prizes that is more focused on women.
  6. Topping our list is gifts that give back. Why not offer a prize that does more? We love They offer a ton of great stuff, plus each purchase of Sevenly merchandise results in a donation to charity, whether the item is a Cause of the Week shirt or print, an exclusive, limited edition product, or something great from our curated Sevenly Finds collection.

With so many choices, it might be hard to make a decision.  We suggest starting with knowing who your audience is and then try to determine what they will want and if still in doubt ask them in Twitter or Facebook.

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