Re Engage Email Subscribers Love

Re Engage Email Subscribers Love

Looking for a creative way to re engage EMail Subscribers?

As time passes, interest tends to wane. Another coupon code? Meh.

More photos of cute cat memes? Yawn.

A newsletter full of untargeted content? Really?

Just because the initial spark is gone doesn’t mean you have to grow apart. Through strategic re-engagement campaigns (think of them as date nights), you can remind subscribers why they were attracted to your brand in the first place and that you’re unforgettable (because you are).

Subscriber inactivity is often just a symptom of email fatigue. You’ve sent too many emails and they just aren’t special anymore. There’s no longer a sense of excitement when they arrive in the inbox.

Hosting a Giveaway or Contest has been proven to be a successful way to boost re engage email subscribers and reward your subscribers for their loyalty.

You should be able to use the contest to get a better understanding of your subscriber list, or help you develop new products, heck even sell more products. With a little bit of creativity, the possibilities are endless!

Using tools offered by email services such as MailChimp and Aweber, you can identify inactive subscribers, and segment them, so that you can reach out with a well-timed strategic message to reinforce your value proposition and renew your vows (avoiding the painful, “It’s not me, it’s you,” unsubscribe).

Examples how: How Re-engagement Campaigns Work According to Return Path Study

Readers who have stopped opening your emails can also have negative implications on your deliverability.

Definitions of “spam” aren’t as content-focused as they used to be and ISPs are focusing more and more on how subscribers are responding to your emails. Re-engaging those inactive subscribers can improve your inbox placement.

#ProTip: There are significant benefits to keeping your giveaway live on one landing page that entrants can link their friends to.

Your best bet is to link your newsletter subscribers to your site or your blog where the giveaway is taking place. If you have made an incentive to share your contest for extra points, this will give you great additional exposure and help to increase new subscribers.


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