Twitter Ads – Not For Every Business, But Great For Some!

Twitter Ads – Not For Every Business, But Great For Some!

Twitter Social Media Marketing strategy is very simple. It’s separated into two categories: Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts.

Promoted Tweets are perfect when you would like to advertise a precise message, or product. If your goal is new followers, promoting your account is the most effective technique.

You can decide on two types of targeting. The most used is by keyword. This allows you to target those who search, tweet about or engage with a particular term. Try targeting by interests and followers, reaching people who fall into a broad particular interest category, or who follow particular accounts. You can also restrict your targeting to certain devices, like BlackBerry, and by gender.

Once you have that in place, you can put lifetime and daily maximum budgets for your campaign. If you’re using a Promoted Tweet campaign, you place the figure you’re ready to spend every time someone retweets, replies, favorites, follows or clicks on your tweet. Twitter suggests bidding anywhere between $1.50 to $2.20 per engagement range. For Promoted Account campaigns, you disburse for every follower Twitter suggests bidding in the $2.50 to $3.50 range.

Promoted Accounts

You can easily develop your followers with promoted accounts. You can spot promoted accounts in a variety of areas within Twitter, in the Who to Follow box, for example. This is a fine method to boost the targeted followers of your Twitter account rapidly, particularly if you are new to Twitter or just want to increase your audience.

Targeting options are restricted to reaching users who are related to a specific Twitter user’s followers and reaching users with particular interest categories. You can, in addition, select a tweet from your account that will be exposed on mobile devices next to the suggestion to follow you. The tweet should be something that gives your probable new follower a motivation to follow your account.

Budgeting options are based on the fact that you place a total budget, daily maximum and bid for each follower. Suggested bid amounts differ based on the targeting options you put, although it can vary from $2 to $3 for every follower. This is the reason why you have to be awfully selective regarding your targeting, so you only pay for followers who are appropriate for your business.

Promoted Tweets

Use this to promote a specific message or tweet on Twitter.

For instance, if you look on Twitter for a specific keyword, you’re expected to spot a promoted tweet at the pinnacle of search results. This can be a great way to get a particular message concerning your products and services at the top of your potential clients’ Twitter feed.

To promote a tweet, you have to go to the Twitter advertising section and sign in with your Twitter username and password. If it’s your first visit there, you’ll be prompted to choose your country and time zone.

Twitter advertising is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland. For those who have used Twitter advertising in the past, you can go to the New Campaign button to initiate a fresh advertising campaign.

After that, select New Promoted Tweets Campaign. You’ll be asked a series of setup questions about your campaign, starting with the campaign name and period.

After that, complete your targeting options. You can decide to target users based on keywords that users look for or tweet on the subject of, TV programs they engage with or their interests. Interest-based targeting lets you to target audiences similar to the followers of any Twitter username you enter, meaning you can target ads toward your competitor’s followers.

Remember that out of these three options (keywords, television and interests) only keyword ad targeting lets your tweet to come into view in search results when somebody searches for a specific keyword. Other ad targeting options will just come into view on users’ timelines.

You can target your ads in the direction of people in particular locations, down to a city/metro level inside the United States. Additionally, you can target by user device and gender.

As soon as your targeting is placed, you can decide to manually choose the tweets you would like to promote or ask Twitter to select the five most engaging, up-to-date tweets. If you are attempting to attain a particular objective, it’s best to create a custom tweet about it using the Promote a New Tweet option.

Lastly, place your total budget, daily maximum and maximum bid amount per engagement. While you can decide to bid lower than the sum recommended by Twitter, you may miss out on publicity if somebody outbids you on the similar targeting options.

If you’re new to Twitter advertising, you’ll have to to put in a method of payment.

Finally, save your campaign. It will go live after authorization by the Twitter advertising team.

That concludes Twitter Social Media Marketing Strategy.


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