Prioritize Your Contest Goals

Prioritize Your Contest Goals

We view contest entry methods as tools to help you achieve your goals. Just like you prioritizing goals, we think you should be able to prioritize entry methods. The higher the priority of the marketing goal the higher the priority of the entry method.

Rewards Fuel allows you to do this in a couple of ways. One is the placement of your goal on the page. You may now drag and drop your entry methods to sort them by the order you think is most important. What this does is change the order in which contestants will see your entry methods and, depending on the layout you choose, that could have powerful results in determining the completion rate of specific entry methods.

The second way is by allotting more entry points to a specific entry method. For example, if you’re an event promoter and your main focus is on having people RSVP on Facebook, we suggest you place that as the first entry method and give it the most amount of points. You can then add additional beneficial entry methods like “Sign up for our newsletter to win” directly below it and give that a few less entry points.

The ability to sort the importance of your entry methods is now available and is a vital part of your win/win contest strategy.

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