Twitter contests and giveaways that produce results.

Twitter contests and giveaways that produce results.

Running a contest on social media can be a fun and an interactive way to strengthen relationships with current and potential customers while growing a new Twitter following. Twitter Contests and Giveaways come in different forms and can be executed from any social platform.

Regardless of how your twitter contests and giveaways are designed, it is important to make entry simple. When all that is required to enter your contest is to follow a
Twitter profile or hit the Retweet button, people are much more likely to get involved.

Have a Great Prize

One of the first things you want to do is decide on a great prize for people to win. This can be a product or a service and, the bigger the prize value, the bigger the interest. It might be worth spending some money on a really eye-catching prize. Don’t limit yourself. Use your imagination and creativity to offer a win that’s invaluable, like an autograph or an exclusive one-time meetup.

Develop a thought-provoking message

Once you’ve decided what you are giving away, next you need your to select your entry tweet. Use a current tweet or let our software create one for you to go live with your contest launch or schedule at a later time. Include “RT to Win” or “Follow us & RT to Win” to let people know how simple it is to enter.

What a Twitter contest looks like

Creating Twitter contests can utilize 3 types of entry methods: Follow on Twitter, Reply to a Tweet, Retweet to enter.  Creation of these methods is easy:

twitter contest entry methods

Follow on Twitter entry creation

Follow on Twitter entry creation

Select a Tweet for Reply Tweet entry or Retweet entrySelect a Tweet for Reply Tweet entry or Retweet entry

Select the tweet you want to use in your Twitter contestSelect the tweet you want to use in your Twitter contest

Promoting your Twitter Contests and Giveaways 

There are a number of ways to create awareness about your contest. They include:

  • Promote a tweet on Twitter with “Retweet to Win”
  • Promote the contest by designing a quality custom header for your Twitter profile
  • Create and distribute a press release
  • Inform your email list
  • Share the contest on your social media accounts (all of them)
  • Create a blog post
  • Add details of the contest to your Twitter bio
  • Increase participation by using our Automatic entry feature
  • Schedule several tweets during your contest

Monitor Your Contest

What good is a contest without knowing the impact it has had? We integrated our system to work directly with Google Analytics so that we can provide you with real-time information about your giveaway. Who is taking these actions and what does my audience look like? What value am I receiving from running this giveaway? Your contest results are fully trackable with our Statistics dashboard.

Reveal the Winner

Once the contest ends, you’ll need to pick a lucky winner.

You can manually select and announce your winner, or use our contest automation tool, and we’ll select a winner and tweet for you (asking them to contact you because they won). Remember to thank everyone for following and participating.

We are happy to help out with any questions you may have about this type of contest. Leave your questions in the comment section below!


Twitter Contest FAQs

  • How are entries counted?
  • We use Twitter’s API to verify entry methods. Everyone who enters your contest using
    one of our three Twitter entry methods is verified to have followed, retweeted or replied to a tweet.
  • How do you run a successful twitter contest?
  • Promotion of your contest is important, using a few different entry methods together
    such as viral share entry is a good idea. Colaborating with other brands or influencers helps a lot too.
  • What are the rules for running a Twitter contest?
  • Take a look at Twitter’s contest
    to ensure that you are keeping within their Terms of Service as well. You can choose to
    either make it available on your Twitter bio or on your website. Setting this up doesn’t have to be
    intimidating: there are templates online to guide you. Or, you can consult a promotional lawyer. We have
    added a Rules Generator to get you started.

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Questions, comments or suggestions about our social media contest platform? Shoot us an email at or get started on a contest today by signing up–> here or
downloading our plugin–> here.

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