Your Contest Statistics

Perhaps one of the most valuable tools you’ll have access to with your Rewards Fuel membership is the in depth statistics reports that come with each contest. You’ll have access to…

The Contest Summary:

A basic breakdown of your contest.


See everyone who entered your contest, including which entry methods they used or decided to pass on.

Influencers Report:

Discover which social media influencers have entered your contest based on Klout. You’ll also have the social media handles, and/or possibly the email addresses of these influencers so you can reach out for future collaborations.

Traffic Summary:


See what devices people are using to access your contest.

Entry Method Summary:

Discover which entry methods were used to enter your contest and how many points were accumulated.

Geographic and Demographic Data:

Know who’s entering your contest and where they are located.

Use of your own Google Analytics account

To add this feature go to your contest settings page and click the “Add Google Analytics” link at the top.

These statistics reports will provide you with the fundamental information you need to create effective, streamlined advertising campaigns targeted directly at your key demographics.


Pro Tip: Show the results of your work with our professional PDF statistics reports that you can print, email or take to any meeting.

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Happy Contesting!



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