Spotify Contests: How to boost your followers

Spotify Contests: How to boost your followers

Spotify contests are a great way to get more followers.

Playlist curators, podcasters and artists often wonder “how can we get more Spotify followers”?¬† That’s why we’ve created an easy option for Spotify contests; how to boost your followers. Follow on Spotify is a great contest entry method that not only boosts followers and listeners, but allows you to increase your Facebook fans, Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers , Patreon Fans, Soundcloud listeners and much, much more – all with just one contest. ūüĎĆ

“Ask your fans to enter to win one of your Spotify contests. Rewards Fuel will keep track of all your contestants, send notifications and even pick your winners.”


It all starts with offering a great prize. And a great prize doesn’t always mean that you need to spend a lot of money. Often giving away experiences as prizes can really take your contest to the next level.¬† Releasing an album? Send your winner an autographed copy. Have a show coming up? Offer a meet and greet backstage. Is there a big festival on the horizon? A pair of festival tickets will do the trick; plus you can benefit by posting about your giveaway with the official festival hashtag. ūüėČ

Collaborate on your Spotify Contests 

Next, look at collaborating with partners. Who can you team up with that’s looking to reach the same audience? Not only will you be able to create a better prize, but you’ll receive additional exposure through your partners.¬† If you’re not able to work with corporate partners, consider reaching out to influencers in your industry to boost your contest promotion.

Creating Spotify Contests is easy…

  1. Now that you’ve decided on your partners and your prize, let’s get started by logging in to your Rewards Fuel account and choosing “create a contest“. Don’t have an account yet? Sign-up by choosing our Promoter Pro plan.
  2. Next, describe your contest, add a description, start and end dates, pictures and videos.
  3. Add entry methods aka: the marketing channels you want to boost. Choose ‘follow on Spotify’ and then pick from over 30 different additional entry methods.¬† Some popular ones include, follow on Instagram, subscribe on YouTube, like my Facebook page etc.
  4. The next screen prompts you to copy and paste the URL from the page you want to be followed.
  5. Add a description eg. Follow my Spotify playlist to enter to win my contest.
  6. Add some entry points – here’s why.
  7. Continue adding entry methods or move forward to adding more information about your prize.

spotify contest
get more spotify followers

How your contest looks to your contestants

Contest app

Get creative with your Spotify Contests

Contests are totally customizable with the ability to add or remove elements and to easily change colors, fonts, images, videos, gifs and more.

trade show contest

Spotify Contests: Features and Benefits

Plan needed to create Spotify Contests

Promoter Pro

Questions or comments about how to grow your Spotify following with contests? Please reach out to our customer service reps at

Create Spotify contests today

Contest Tips:

  • Combine Entry Methods:¬†There is¬†over¬†30 different entry methods to choose from. Add as many as you like into your contest.
  • Viral Share Entry:¬†Be sure to add this powerful entry method into your contest. Rewards Fuel will create a unique tracking link for everyone who visits your contest. When new people visit your Spotify giveaway from the tracking link they will be entered. Meanwhile when those new people enter the contest we give the person who originally shared the link extra entries into your giveaway improving their odds of winning.
  • Collaborate:¬†Make that prize bigger and better! Plus benefit from the extra exposure you‚Äôll receive through your partners.
  • Influencer marketing: Consider reaching out to the influencers¬† in your industry to arrange a collaboration.
  • Promote it: 22 contest websites who will promote your contest.
  • Points:¬†When choosing entry methods be sure to add points to the marketing channels you would like to see the most gains. Contestants are then motivated to enter multiple times to increase their chances of winning by gaining more points into your Mailchimp contest.

Spotify Follow entry FAQs

  • How are entries counted?
  • When the contestants click on the entry button they are redirected to Spotify where they authorize us to follow your account. Once we have verified that they are following you their entry will count.
  • Will this help me get verified on Spotify?
  • Spotify for Artists is available for all artists and their management teams. You no longer need 250 followers to get verified. Getting more followers will not help you get verified. Get verified, visit Spotify for Artists.
  • Is this like buying Spotify followers?
  • No, this is your chance to offer incentive and gain engagement from real people.
Need some contest inspiration? Check out these great success stories.

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