Five Ways to Generate More Leads with Contests

Five Ways to Generate More Leads with Contests

You’ve spent time perfecting the creation of your contest, and now it’s time to make your work pay off!  We’ve put together a short list on how to generate more leads with contests.

  • Send it to Your Email List:
    You have the option of importing email addresses one at a time or upload your list via a CSV file; plus you’ll have the ability to customize the email invite including who the email is coming from, the subject line and the message which can include merge values.
  • Import Contestants:
    Have a list of people who entered your contest offline that you’d like to import into your online competition?  No problem, we can help you import those contestants easily so you can combine the best of street-level marketing, offline entries and online competitions.
  •  Re-Tweet and Viral Share:
    If you haven’t added these entry methods, consider going back to your contest and adding them! Viral share encourages your followers to share your contest link with their friends to gain extra entries into your contest. Asking your followers to re-tweet your contest to win? Well, that’s just a no brainer if you’re on Twitter 😉 Plus, our automatic entry feature verifies and keeps track of your re-tweets so you don’t have to.
  • Promote it on the Top Contest Sites:
    Add your contest to these top contest sites! Be sure to check these early however as some require you to fill out submission forms, have waiting periods or require a small fee to promote your contest.
  • Connect with your Influencers:

    Our in-depth statistics allow you to see which social media influencers have entered your contest. Reach out to these social media powerhouses to arrange a possible collaboration.

Have fun! Feel free to reach us at with any questions, comments, suggestions or collaborations.


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