Grow your Campaign Monitor mailing list

Grow your Campaign Monitor mailing list

Newsletter to entry is one of our most popular entry methods. In fact we’ve seen recent contest holders, collaborate on a contest to gather over 2,000 new email subscribers.

That is why we’ve teamed up with Campaign Monitor to help you grow your mailing list.

We’ll handle the technical aspects of double opting-in of all new subscribers and automatically publish them to your desired list(s) via Campaign Monitor’s API.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to connect your Campaign Monitor email account with Rewards Fuel.

How to grow your Campaign Monitor mailing list in 7 steps.

  • Log in to your Rewards Fuel account and choose “visit the account page“. Don’t have an account yet? Sign-up by choosing our Promoter Pro plan.
  • Click on connect your Campaign Monitor account.

    Campaign monitor
    Connect to the Campaign Monitro API

  • Create a contest
  • Add newsletter entry and choose “Auto Export”
    Campain Monitor
  • Select the list(s) you want the new email to go to.
  • Add some entry points – here’s why.
  • Continue adding entry methods or move forward to adding more information about your prize.

Explainer video – a little dated, we’re updating this soon

Questions, comments or suggestions? Shoot us an email at – we love hearing all feedback.

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