How to Create a Contest

How to Create a Contest

Ready to boost your business with contests? We’ll show you how to create a contest to build your newsletter, YouTube and social media accounts. Plus contest will create engagement, user generated content and as a result drive traffic and sales!

If this is your first visit to our site, please take a look at the contest packages available and sign- up.

Once that is complete, you’re ready to learn how to create a contest. You have the option of using our hosted contest page or embed your contest on your WordPress website, by installing our WordPress plugin.


Next, you’re ready to learn  how to create a  contest:

Add as many entry methods as you like into your contest:

  1. Facebook Like entry
  2. Visit entry
  3. Effortless entry
  4. Viral Share entry
  5. Youtube Subscribe entry
  6. Watch Youtube video entry
  7. Follow on Spotify
  8. Instagram Follow entry
  9. Insta #Tag entry
  10. Twitter Follow entry
  11. Retweet entry
  12. Reply entry
  13. Newsletter entry
  14. List keeper entry
  15. WordPress Comment entry
  16. Form entry
  17. Question entry
  18. Follow on Snapchat
  19. Favorite on Etsy
  20. Shopify review entry
  21. Visit our Etsy Shop
  22. Install our app
  23. Take action entry
  24. Zapier entry
  25. File upload entry
  26. Follow on Soundcloud
  27. Post engagement
  28. Mixcloud Follow
  29. Follow on Twitch
  30. Tumblr Follow

Contest Features: 

Promote your Contest:

If you have any questions or comments on how to create a contest please send us an email at [email protected]

Happy Contesting!


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