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Pre-Promote your Contest with a Countdown Clock

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Pre-Promote your Contest with our latest feature – a countdown clock!

Before your contest starts it’s helpful to pre-promote your giveaway and build anticipation for the start date.  Your contest creator now includes a countdown clock which tells your audience when the contest begins and lets them sign-up to be notified of the start date by email.

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How do I see my contest sign-ups?
You’ll see everyone who has signed up in the settings page of your contest.

Contest Sign Up

How do I get people to sign up?
Promote your contest early with a blog post,  social media, newsletter or with the assistance of an influencer campaign.  No website or time to create a blog post? No problem,  try sending out your hosted contest page, here’s a look at a contest demo.

How can I get more people to visit my contest?
Try our contest invitation tool, and send invites to enter your contest.

Additional Contest TIPS:

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