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How do Contest Entry Points Work?

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Adding contest entry points to your giveaway is a great way of providing incentive to your contestants to enter multiple times!

“The more points you assign to an entry method the higher the priority that entry method becomes when contestants are choosing how to enter your contest.”

In the image below you can see that gaining newsletter subscribers and Instagram followers was the highest priority for the contest holder. Share entry was also given top points due to it’s strength as a promotional tool. In fact we recommend adding the viral share entry method into all of your contests.

Mobile contest entry point

The more contest entry points a contestant gains, the higher their odds of winning your prize.  Think about contest entry points being similar to lotto tickets.  If you buy one, your odds of winning are 1 in 1000 but if you buy two tickets, now your odds of winning are 2 in 1000 (or 1 in 500).


Follow on snapchat entry

You’ll see the option to add  points to each entry method as you add them in to the creation of your contest.


Contest TIPS:

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