Improve Attendance With Facebook RSVP Entry

Improve Attendance With Facebook RSVP Entry

Every month, 400 million people around the world create events using Facebook.

Once your event is up and running, you have two options, let it stagnate and hope people show up, or get actively involved in promotion and add incentive to attending your event. This is why we’ve created “ RSVP Facebook to an event to enter.”

Giving Events a Boost:

We are very excited about this new entry method. If you host events on Facebook and want to increase the number of people who attend, this entry method is for you. We’ve made it super easy. All we need from you is the event ID and we do the rest!


How to setup your RSVP Facebook Entry:

First you need to create an event on Facebook. If you’re new to creating Facebook events here are some basic instructions: Once you have an event created simply:

Copy the Facebook event ID: Step 2: Paste your event id into RSVP Entry
copy paste


That’s it! That’s all you have to do to create “ RSVP Facebook to enter” for your next giveaway.


To learn more about the advanced features available and how to use them, read further.

Advanced Options:

Minimum status needed to enter: You may choose to allow contestants who have RSVP’d interested or ignore to still be entered. By default we make sure people who have RSVP’d attending are automatically entered.

Automatic entry with Facebook RSVP:  Your contestant can RSVP to your event to win in two places. Right on your contest page and/or right on your Facebook events page. The choice is up to you simply select yes.

Rewards Fuel will monitor your Facebook event and make sure all contestants attending your event on FB are entered to win without ever having visited your contest page.

Notify Facebook user of being entered: Select this option to notify your contestant that they have been entered to win, that they may improve their odds of winning by re-visiting your contest page or that they have been disqualified due to changing their rsvp status.  ***Please note: due to FB restrictions automatic notifications are only available for contestants who have entered through your contest page (not Facebook entry)

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