Improve contest engagement and get the results you want.

Improve contest engagement and get the results you want.

Numbers matter, the highest number of giveaways and sweepstakes entries is important, but not as important as the number of desired actions that were completed such as newsletter signups, new twitter followers or shares.

We help you increase your conversion rate (people who view your contest vs. people who actively participate in your giveaways and sweepstakes)  and here are some of factors to consider when building your contest to help you achieve that.

  • The prize – The prize is important and your description, and the imagery, needs to sell it. Go with the highest quality, most professional pictures possible.
  • The number of entry methods – Rewards Fuel gives you a variety of entry methods to choose from, but you don’t want to overwhelm your contestant with too many options. If growing your newsletter is your main objective, then make the “newsletter entry method” your first option for entry.
  • Layout – Rewards fuel offers you multiple layouts and color schemes to customize your contest whether it be to match your own personal brand or your clients.
  • Automatic entry – We introduced automatic entry as a way to help you improve engagement with your audience. Automatic entry allows you to offer twitter users the ability to simple RT a tweet to be entered. You an then send the contestant notifications that they can improve their odds of winning by visiting the contest page where they can enter again through more important methods like newsletter entry, etc.
  • Promote your contest! – We often get the question: “Why should I send my traffic to a contest, especially if I am paying for them?” Our answer is simple: they will work for you. They will pay attention to your offer, they will engage with you and they will help you with your promotion.  Contests can be looked at as an audience multiplier.  If you’re looking for some free places to advertise your contest please check out this post.


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