Kittens and Contests FTW!

Congrats to our friends at Kittyo for running an incredibly successful contest!  The team created a great prize package for the cat lovers of the world with a variety of different items and the results were pawsitively pawesome! (sorry we had to :P)



Entry method Entry Points Entries
Newsletter entry – ask your contestants to subscribe to enter 2289 763
Viral Share entry – share a custom tracking link to enter 166 83
Instagram Follow entry – boost your Instagram account quickly 1050 525
Facebook Like entry – increase likes to your Facebook page with this free entry method 822 822

Key Takeaways:

  • Viral Share Entry:  We created a custom tracking link that Kittyo asked contestants to share (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) to enter their contest. The link allowed us to track 710 new contest views and 83 new contestants.
  • Influencer Marketing: Kittyo had 53 online influencers enter their contest! That’s 53 people with serious social media pull that  Kittyo can now possibly collaborate with on future contests and promotions. Our new Klout tool included in our statistics page will show you which influencers entered your contest and provide you with methods to contact them.
  • Points: Assigning points to entry methods placed priority on the marketing objectives that Kittyo wanted to achieve first – the entry method they assigned the most points to; in this case newsletter entry was not surprisingly also used the most. As well, by using a bit of psychology to our advantage,  displaying points on a contest boosts the perceived popularity of the giveaway as well.
  • Statistics: Our in-depth statistics page will provide valuable demographic and geographic information of your clients and followers helping you to create the most targeted marketing campaigns. Age, gender, location, device used, Klout score and entry methods used are all included.


We spoke to Lee Miller from Kittyo about their strategy with Rewards Fuel:

“It was a pleasure working with RewardsFuel. The social integrations were a success in actually creating a fun campaign and it was a great way to engage with current and future customers. Our customers seemed to love it – so thanks to RewardsFuel we were able to create a stronger relationship with cat owners. They made it turnkey and easy to launch and manage a contest and the results were better than what we expected.”


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