The Best Marketing Strategy for Contests = Viral Share Entry🎯😎👊

You may have heard the expression, “word of mouth is the best form of marketing.” We couldn’t agree more. When people share through social networks, it’s powerful. And, if the word spreads from friend to friend you now have virality, which is why we’ve created the ‘share to win’ entry method. This small addition to your contest will easily boost multiple marketing channels and possibly make your contest go viral.

“Simply ask your contestants to share your contest across multiple social networks to be entered to win – we’ll keep track of all the entries for you.”


Here’s how to make your next contest go viral:

  1. Sign up for Rewards Fuel, choose a membership and get started creating your contest

2. Add viral share entry as one of your chosen entry methods during the creation of your contest.

We’ve built a custom tracking link that’s easily distributed via email or social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) and allows us  to track any new contestants that enter your contest.

When a new entry is confirmed from this tracking link,  the person who shared the link will receive entry point(s) into your contest improving their odds of winning.

Share Entry


  • Add the contest URL that you want your followers to share.
  • Add your Twitter account
  • Adjust advanced options (if you like) which include limiting the amount of shares per user, the amount of time between shares and adding a description.
  • Be sure to add points to the viral share entry method to encourage shares – in fact we recommend assigning this entry method 10 points if possible.

Share Entry: Go Viral with this Powerful Entry Method

3. Start your contest and promote via social media your newsletter etc! Be sure to ask your contestants to share to enter to win.

Share Entry


Note: The only restriction is that the contest has to be embedded on the URL you choose.

That’s it! You’ve just added a very powerful entry method and the best marketing strategy for contests.

Have any questions or comments or need a hand setting up your contest? Shoot us an email at [email protected] – we’ll even set your contest up free up charge.

Happy Contesting!

Rewards Fuel

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