Boost your Aweber Email Marketing with Contests

Boost your Aweber Email Marketing with Contests

We’re happy to announce our newest integration partner Aweber! Now you can easily boost your Aweber email marketing with contests.

“Simply ask your followers to sign-up to your Aweber newsletter to enter your contest, and we’ll keep track of all your contestants for you!”

Aweber Features Include:

  • Email automation, templates and more: Create and send beautiful, engaging emails in just a few minutes.
  • Industry-leading deliverability: Have confidence that your emails will make it to your subscribers’ inboxes.
  • Mobile Apps: Gain new email subscribers and see how your emails are performing when you’re on the go.

Using contests to grow your newsletter list is one of our most successful entry methods; in fact a recent collaboration between contest holders produced over 2000 new email subscriptions with just one contest.

Setting up your contest to boost Aweber email marketing is quick and easy:

  1. Login to Rewards Fuel and head to your accounts page.
  2. Choose Aweber via the drop down menu ‘connect mailing lists.’

Select Mailing List

3. Login and authenticate Rewards Fuel.


Next, you’re ready to create a contest:

Ask your followers to subscribe to your Aweber newsletter to enter your contest, our system ensures everyone who enters is double opted-in and willing to receive your newsletters. When contestants complete the entry they will automatically be added to your Aweber newsletter.

Features Include:

Your contest is completely customizable, feel free to try out our demo to learn more.

Contest Demo


You’re now ready to grow your Aweber newsletter list by creating a contest with Rewards Fuel – get started today!

Contest TIPS:


Questions, comments or suggestions?  Send us an email at – we love to hear all feedback.

Happy Contesting!

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