Contest winner generator – automatically pick one or more winners.

Contest winner generator – automatically pick one or more winners.

You’ve always been able to automate winner picking at the end of your Rewards Fuel contest, but now you can allow fully automate the picking of winners at the end or throughout your contest with our contest winner generator.

More winners means more engagement, and more followers, and most importantly more of your product in people’s hands.

contest winner generator

    Winner Generator Options:

  • Generate winner(s) at the end of your contest, and/or during your contest (daily, weekly monthly winners).
  • You may delete winners, change winners, or re-generate winners.
  • You receive an email with the winner(s) details.
  • Quickly modify the winner(s) notification email or stick to the Rewards Fuel default.
  • Send winners an official notification and prize claim link. Winners will use the email to provide you with their shipping address or download your digital prize.

Customize the winner notification email - contest winner generator See who your winners are - contest winner generator Your prizes, edit, delete or create more prizes Create prizes with one or more winners. Customize the winner notification email

4 benefits of our new contest winner generator:

  1. Create more engagement with your audience by offering multiple chances to win.
  2. More prizes means more opportunities to collaborate with like-minded brands.
  3. Using Rewards Fuel’s random winner picker ensures your contest remains fair and impartial.
  4. Award digital prizes, save time and money, let the winners download your prize.

Example of where using the contest winner generator will save you time.

12 days of winning

Contest TIPS:

Winner generator FAQs

  • How many winners can I have
  • As many as you like, we don’t have a cap on the number of winners you want to pick.
  • Can I have physical and or digital prizes?
  • Upload your digital prize, or describe your physical prize. We send the winner an email for you which includes a link to the prize claim centre.
  • Can I manually generate contest winners?
  • Choose to generate winners automatically or randomly. Schedule when winners are generated or generate the winners on your own time.
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