Grow your Following with a Snapchat Contest

Now you can grow your Snapchat following with a Rewards Fuel Snapchat Contest! Ask your contestants to follow you on Snapchat to enter your contest, add incentive by assigning some points to your entry methods and watch your followers grow!

How to Create your Snapchat Contest:

Login to your Rewards Fuel account and click “create a contest” – you’ll see prompts asking you to describe your prize and then to add your entry methods.  You can add as many entry methods as you choose including our latest, follow on Snapchat.

Follow on snapchat contest

Add your Snapchat username, and  a description if you like or default to our description “follow us on Snapchat for a chance to win.”
Next, be sure to assign some points to your Snapchat entry method giving your followers more incentive to follow you. The more points you assign to an entry method the more entries you are likely to receive and the more points a contestant accumulates the greater chance they have of winning your prize.

Follow on snapchat entry

After you create the Snapchat contest entry method, contestants will give you their Snapchat username so you can check to see if they followed you before announcing the winner. Normally our software would do this work for you, but unfortunately Snapchat does not allow API access. Regardless – most people will continue to follow you on Snapchat throughout the duration of your contest and beyond, making contests a great tool for growing your Snapchat following!

Contest Tips:

Questions, comments or suggestions? Shoot us an email at [email protected]

Happy Contesting!


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