Add Multiple Winners to Your Contest

You’ve always been able to automate winner picking at the end of your Rewards Fuel contest, but now you can allow multiple contestants to win your contest prizes.

Yes – more winners, means more happy followers, more of your product in people’s hands,  more engagement, more traffic, more social media followers, more newsletter sign-ups and the list goes on… 

Contest Options:

  • Choose winners (one or multiple) at the end of your contest, and/or during your contest.
  • Choose winners (one or multiple) once a day, once a week or any schedule you choose.
  • Allow contestants to win once or multiple times.
Contest Features:
  • When a winner(s) is chosen, you will receive an email with the winner(s) details as well as a special link you’ll use to quickly notify your winner(s) that they’ve won a prize.
  • You can quickly modify the winner(s) notification email  or stick to the Rewards Fuel default.


  • Create more engagement with your audience by offering multiple chances to win.
  • More prizes means more opportunities to collaborate with like-minded brands.
  • Using Rewards Fuel random winner picker ensures your contest remains fair and impartial.
Contest example using the multiple winners tool.

Contest TIPS:

Questions, comments or suggestions? Shoot us an email at [email protected]


Cheers, RF

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