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Boost SoundCloud Followers with Contest Marketing

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Want to Boost SoundCloud Followers? Now you can use contest marketing to add incentive for your fans to follow you.

“Simply ask your contestants to follow you on Soundcloud to enter to win your contest and we’ll take care of the rest”

To start, login to your Rewards Fuel account and choose ‘create contest’.

If this is your first visit to our site, please take a look at the contest packages available and sign- up.

Once that is complete, you’re ready to create a contest.

You have the option of using our hosted contest page or you can embed your contest on your WordPress website – please take a moment to install our WordPress plugin.


After adding the entry method ‘soundcloud follow’ follow the prompts that ask you to copy and paste your SoundCloud URL into your contest, add a description or use our default. We add an embedded widget from SoundCloud and when your fans click on the follow link we double check to make sure that happens.


An image of a contest being created

Boost SoundCloud Followers with Contest Marketing

Questions, comments or suggestions for adding additional features or entry methods? Shoot us an email [email protected]

Contest TIPS:

Happy Contesting!

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