CSS Contest styling

CSS Contest styling

Calling all creatives! Now you can style your contest EXACTLY how you’d like with our CSS contest tool!  It’s always been easy to create your contest and change fonts, images, colors, add gifs or videos but now the addition off CSS allows you to take your look to the next level.

Basic Style Features:

  1. Change colors and fonts
  2. Add background images
  3. Modify contest images
  4. Choose prize images
  5. Add, remove or re-order contest layout items like countdown clocks, image carousels and more
  6. Modify the entry buttons
  7. Edit the contest description, rules, and entry methods
  8. Hide or show the login menu


How does Custom CSS Contest styling work?

This tool is for more advanced users that understand CSS and have a desire to customize the appearance of their contest beyond the capabilities of our current style editor.

During the creation of your contest, find the element you want to add a style to, and click “add css from the drop down menu”.


By default we automatically update the appearance of your css contest layout when you add custom css.  This is useful for seeing the changes you made, however waiting for the layout to update can be slow.  For that reason we also have given you the ability to turn off waiting for updates by checking the button in the picture below:

Speedy Updates


Contest Tips:

If you have any questions or comments on how to create a contest please send us an email at info@rewardsfuel.com.

Happy Contesting!


Rewards Fuel

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