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Over Two Thousand E-Mail and Increased Social Media Reach in just 10 days!

One of our favorite clients Westcomb ran another contest with a few partners.  They wanted to ramp up their marketing for the holiday season, by rewarding one loyal fan a prize worth $1,000. What they received in return was 2,152 new email subscribers, increased social media reach and additionally lots of new eyes on their products.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Collaboration: We can’t say it enough! To achieve maximum results with your next giveaway, join forces with  compatible businesses that are targeting the same customers and share similar content online. Plus, more collaborators means offering a bigger and better prize for your customers.
  2. Newsletter entry: More subscribers to your newsletter often equals more sales! This entry method has been incredibly successful for our contest holders so we’ve added another entry method to keep your subscribers on your list; it’s called “list keeper“.
  3. Viral Share entry:  Encourage your audience to share your contest to win.  We create a custom tracking link that’s easily shared via email or social networks; (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) the link your customers share is used to track any new contestants who enter the contest.

Try a demo of a contest and  let us know what you think by emailing us [email protected] – we love hearing all feedback.

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