Customize your Newsletter Double Opt-In Email

Customize your Newsletter Double Opt-In Email

We’ve added a new feature to newsletter contests! The ability for you to customize your newsletter double opt-in email. Asking someone to join your newsletter is one of our most successful entry methods; in fact we’ve seen contest holders gather thousands of new email subscribers with just one contest.  Asking your contestants to subscribe to enter to win is a two step process known as a double opt in; when you use Rewards Fuel, we make sure all your contest newsletter entries are double-opted in for you.

Features Include:

You have the option to style the confirmation button and create your own personalized message to be sent to your entrants along with a reminder email that they still need to complete a second step to keep their entry legitimate – a great feature for non-English contests!

 How to Customize your Newsletter Double Opt-In Email:

  • Start by creating your contest and choosing ‘newsletter entry’

  • When you reach the add newsletter entry method, follow the prompts to customize your newsletter double opt-on email and the button text.
  • If you choose not to fill in a custom message for your confirmation emails, our system will revert to the default message and button text shown in the example below.Double Opt
  • Next you can add more entry methods.
  • Be sure to add points to your entry methods.
  • Move forward to describing your prize. Note – you can also award digital prizes.



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