Award Digital Prizes on your Contests and Avoid Shipping Costs in 2022

Award Digital Prizes on your Contests and Avoid Shipping Costs in 2022

Award digital prizes on your contests and save time and money. That means no shipping costs and no hassle, the Rewards Fuel digital prize tool allows you to run contests giving away tickets, software, videos, audio links, photos, gift cards and anything else that is uploadable up to 100 megabytes.

Digital prizes save time & money

Because time is money, this new feature has quickly become a favourite of contest holders. Rather than awarding your contestant with a physical prize for winning your contest, have the Rewards Fuel software pick your winner and then notify them that they’ve won your contest. To claim your prize, the winner needs to simply click on a link.  Easy!

Customer success story

Creating a contest is quick and simple and allows you to boost multiple marketing channels with one giveaway.  In fact, the team at Student Price Card gained over 39,000 entries recently while boosting their followings on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the ‘form first’ contest template. You have endless options when it comes to contest creation that allows you to build engagement, drive traffic and create user-generated content.

Contest examples using the digital prizes tool:

These are just a few examples of how to benefit from contest marketing using the digital prize tool. Want more info? Check out some recent success stories to gain more inspiration for your next giveaway.

Now that you’ve learnt about the benefits and features of contest marketing, let’s get started creating a contest and adding your digital prize.

Create a prize and then select the digital prize option

Create a prize and select the digital option

Upload your prize file and choose the maximum number of downloads.

Upload your prize file and choose the maximum number of downloads.

Your winner(s) will see their prizes like this:

Prize claim login

Prize claim login

What a digital prize looks like for your winner

Digital prize claim - in this case the winner has two prizes to claim

What a physical prize claims look like to your winner

What physical prize claims look like

Prize claim – if the winner has won your contest prize

What it looks like to win a prize

Contests are totally customizable with the ability to easily change colors, fonts, images, videos, gifs and more.

Click around on the demo below.

Try our demo contest

Instagram contests by Rewards Fuel

Contest Tips:

  • Combine Entry Methods: You have over 34 different entry methods to choose from – add as many as you like!
  • Collaborate: Make that prize bigger and better! Plus benefit from the extra exposure you’ll receive through your partners. Check out this great case study to get inspired.
  • Video marketing: Our #hashtag contests for Instagram will create user-generated video and photo content for your website.
  • Promote it: 23 contest websites who will promote your contest. Many of these websites require an application and an approval process plus a few offers paid promotion opportunities, therefore, be sure to apply early. Good luck and happy contesting!
  • Viral Share Entry: Be sure to add this powerful entry method into your contest. Rewards Fuel will create a unique tracking link for everyone who visits your contest. When new people visit your Spotify giveaway from the tracking link they will be entered. Meanwhile, when those new people enter the contest we give the person who originally shared the link extra entries into your giveaway improving their odds of winning.


Digital prize FAQs

  • How does awarding digital prizes work?
  • You can create a prize when you’re creating your contest or while your contest is up and running. When you create a prize you can determine if its digital or physical. If you choose a digital prize you will be asked to upload a file to be held securely on our servers. When your winner is picked (randomly or otherwise). Your winner(s) will receive a customizable email telling them they won and to visit our prize site to claim their prize. They will then have the opportunity to download your prize (you may determine the number of downloads each winner gets).
  • Can multiple people win one digital prize?
  • Yes, that is the huge bonus of this type of prize. You can award things that be used by multiple winners like gift cards, coupons, software, PDFs, videos or music.
  • Can I customize the winner email?
  • Yes, you can edit the sender, subject, and email body.

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