MailChimp List Keeper: How to Keep Subscribers on Your MailChimp Newsletter

Mailchimp ‘List Keeper Entry’ gives you a great new option to add incentive and keep subscribers on your MailChimp newsletter. This new feature automatically enters everyone on your Mailchimp newsletter into your contest. Most people focus only on growing their lists. However, we think it’s important to focus on both newsletter growth and newsletter retention. With Mailchimp ‘List Keeper Entry’ you have a powerful tool to keep people engaged and to keep subscribers on your MailChimp newsletter.

“Now you can say, everyone on our list is entered to win our contest

Simply connect your MailChimp newsletter account to Rewards Fuel and choose the lists you want to add incentive for people to be on. Rewards Fuel will scan through your lists and automatically enter your subscribers into your contest for you.

How to set-up MailChimp List Keeper:

Modify your Features:

  • Add points: More points can awarded the longer contestants are on the list vs. receiving a static number of points
  • Notifications: Choose to notify subscribers (or not) via an email that includes a link back to the contest where they can enter in other ways.
  • Add a link:  You have the option to include a link to join your list if they are not already on it. New subscribers will automatically be added to your contest for you.
  • Add points per entry: The more points you assign to an entry method the higher the priority that entry method becomes when contestants are choosing how to enter your contest.

For contestants it will look like this:



This is the perfect way to both grow your list and keep subscribers on your MailChimp newsletter.

Want to see this in action?  Check out the demo.


Question or comments about MailChimp ‘List Keeper’? Shoot us an email at [email protected]

Contest TIPS:

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