Klout Score : Meet Your Influencers

Klout Score : Meet Your Influencers

Update: Unfortunately Klout has shut-down! 😭 We’re sorry to see them go and we’re working on finding an alternative tool so you can easily see the Influence score of your contestants.  

You can still meet the influencers that enter your contest by checking out your statistics page.

Stay tuned for an update on this soon! 


We’ve added a powerful new feature to our statistics reports! The ability to discover any influencers that have entered your contest using Klout social media.

What is Klout and why does it matter?

“The Klout social media Score is a number between 1-100 that represents influence and the ability to drive actions. When you share something on social media or in real life and people respond, that’s influence. The more influential you are, the higher your Klout Score.” To learn more about Klout click here.

With our new stats report you’ll discover essential information about the influencers who have entered your contest such as:

  • Klout Social Media score
  • Topics they are influential about
  • Who influences them
  • Who they influence
  • Their attached accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Why is this so important?
According to an article posted in FORBES, influencer marketing will be the most powerful form of marketing in 2017, and here’s just a few reasons why.

  • Banner blindness : Research firm Yankelovich, states that the average American is exposed to 5,000 advertisements a day. It’s no surprise that programs such as adblocker are becoming more popular and that we have trained ourselves to mentally tune out traditional advertisements.  Influencer marketing however produces entertainment or content pieces that you’ve chosen to view.
  • Word of mouth: Nothing is more powerful than word of mouth marketing and influencers take this to the next level. In fact McKinsey found that “marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising.” And of those that were acquired through word-of-mouth had a 37 percent higher retention rate.
  • Authenticity: The power of an influencer can also be traced back to their authenticity. You’re much more likely to believe an endorsement from your favorite Youtuber versus a paid advertisement on traditional media.  The Influencer Marketing Manifesto, written by TapInfluence and Altimeter Group in July 2016, showed that out of the 1,753 influencers surveyed, 71.2% say their follows remain engaged due to their authenticity.

Our new stats report will give you the opportunity to learn who your influencers are, allowing you to connect with them so you can create future collaborations and develop an ongoing business relationship that builds an online (and offline) community or tribe, exposing your brand to new eyes.

How it works:

When contestants enter your contest they sign-up from several social networks allowing us to view their social media profiles. We then connect with Klout to view their score, influencers, topics and other social networks which we then pass on to you in an CSV file or our new profession PDF reports that you can print or email.

Connect with your Influencers by creating a contest using our Promoter Pro package or add the ‘full contest statistics‘ option to your current plan.

Questions, comments, or collaborations? We love to hear from you, send us an email to info@RewardsFuel.com.


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