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Gain App Installs

Want to Gain App Installs?

Gain App installs with a Rewards Fuel contest! A little incentive never hurt right? ” Now you can say, Install our App to be entered to win our contest”  You can promote an Apple App Store or Google Play link and the entry is triggered...

Form Entry

Fill Out a Form Entry

Looking to gather information from your followers or clients?  Ask your followers to fill out a form to enter your contest. Setting-up your contest using ‘Form Entry’ is easy: Login to your Rewards Fuel account or sign-up and invest in our Promoter...

social media contest statistics

Your Social Media Contest Statistics

One of the most valuable tools you’ll have access to with your Rewards Fuel membership is the in-depth social media contest statistics reports that come with each contest. Social Media Contest Statistics: A basic breakdown of your contest...

contest entry point

How do Contest Entry Points Work?

Adding contest entry points to your giveaway is a great way of providing incentive to your contestants to enter multiple times! “The more points you assign to an entry method the higher the priority that entry method becomes when contestants...

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