WordPress contests with our Rewards Fuel Plugin

Rewards Fuel integrates with any WordPress website. We have created our own plugin that can easily be installed and used to:

  1. Easily embed your contest.
  2. Create giveaways right from your website.
  3. Use post comments as contest entries.

We have created a series of videos to help you, from installation of the plugin to setting up comments as contest entries.

How to install our plugin

The video below illustrates how to install our plugin or, if you have installed WordPress plugins before, you may simply click here for the download.

Make sure you activate your plugin

Embedding your contest

You can always use our traditional JavaScript embed code, which you will find on your contest page, but if you prefer to use our short codes – which will not break when you’re editing blog posts – we suggest you follow the instructions in this short video.

Creating contests right from your website

Once you have our plugin installed and activated it, you will see a button that allows you to create a new contest. This process of creating a contest consists of describing your contest, selecting entry methods, and adding a prize.

After you have completed the three steps of contest creation, you will be given a new WordPress embed code, place this embed code in your blog post and you are done.

Using comments as an entry method

If you want to improve the engagement of your posts, we suggest adding some incentive by allowing people to enter your contest by leaving a comment. Since this method requires that your blog talks to our service, you have to have our plugin installed activated. Once the content is embedded into your blog post you will see a link that says add comment entry. From here fill out your blog post url, select the number of comments that will count for entries, as well as the number of entry points each person gets. Click the add button and you are done.

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