How to get Patreon supporters with contest marketing

How to get Patreon supporters with contest marketing

You’ve created an account on Patreon but you’re not going to survive with a few $5/month supporters. How are you going to get more supporters?

You need to promote yourself, that’s why we created Support on Patreon entry.

First off, know that you can excel on Patreon.

Top creators like Chapo Trapo House and Dark Cookie are both making over $60,000 dollars a month.  You can get there, you just need a little momentum, great content and of course a killer marketing strategy.

Chapo Trap House and Dark Cookie both have massive audiences and followers on other marketing channels, which is essential for creating the super fans that will eventually become your biggest supporters on Patreon. It gives your audience a chance to engage with you and to preview your content before they decide to become a regular contributor.

How contest marketing helps you get more supporters

Monthly contests accelerate your fan growth. Contests add incentive to subscribe to your mailing list and follow you on Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, or YouTube.

how to get patreon supporters

Contest marketing case study

EnterTalk Radio, Mission Engineering and Pitbull Audio gained over 9000 new followers, subscribers and likes on their recent contest.

Demo contest with Support on Patreon entry

Contest powered by Rewards Fuel

Plan needed for Support on Patreon Entry

Promoter Pro
All plans can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. One paid plan may be used on multiple websites. Create as many contests as you like, pick as many winners as you like.

How to get Patreon Supporters FAQs

  • How does this help me get more Patreon Supporters?
  • Using Support on Patreon as an entry method in your contest adds incentive for people to visit your Patreon page and to support you.
  • Can I embed a Patreon supporter contest into my website?
  • Yes, you may use our hosted contest URL or embed the contest right into your website including [WordPress, Shopify, any website where you can add HTML]
  • Can my contest have several winners?
  • Yes, you can have multiple winners over multiple days if you choose.  You may also offer them digital prizes e.g. gift cards or secret codes.
  • Looking for more ideas on how to get Patreon Supports?
  • Check out Salvador Briggman’s post on

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