Newsletter Lead Generation: Quickly Build Your List with a Contest

Newsletter Lead Generation is important – next to sales it’s quite often the most important priority for a business.

Many of us have used forms of incentive to help grow our lists.  We commonly see calls to action like “Sign-up for our newsletter and receive a coupon or a discount“.  It makes sense to add incentive to gaining new subscribers, but does it always have to be coupons or savings?  Aren’t we training our customers to wait for a discount if we dangle savings as an incentive?

That’s why we love using contests to gain subscribers and why ‘newsletter entry’ is our most popular contest entry method. In fact a recent contest holder gained over 2200 new subscribers with just one contest.

newsletter lead generation

“Ask your followers to join your newsletter to enter to win your contest – Rewards Fuel will keep track of all your contestants for you”

Features Include:

Mobile Entry List, newsletter lead generation


How to set-up Newsletter Entry:
  1. Login: Visit  and choose ‘create a contest’.  Don’t have an account yet? Sign-up and choose one of our contest packages.
  2. Create your contest:  From your home screen you’ll be prompted to add a name, description, start/ end dates and your videos, GIF’s or images.
  3. Add your entry methods: We have over 30 entry methods to choose from, choose ‘newsletter entry’ and follow the prompts  which ask you to describe your newsletter etc.
  4. Next add entry points:  The more points you add to the entry method the more of a priority you’re placing on the entry method.

How do I receive the emails?
When you create the entry method you can choose to set-up automatic export to one of our newsletter integration partners.

Or export all of your subscribers to a CSV file which can easily be imported into almost any email program.


Collaboration and Result

What does it look like?
Contests are totally flexible with the ability to add or remove elements, and to easily change colors or fonts.  Below is a quick demonstration that includes newsletter entry.

Contest TIPS:

Questions, comments or suggestions? Shoot us an email at [email protected]

Ps- Short on time or need a hand setting up your first contest? We’ll help create it for you, free of charge.



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