Subscribe on YouTube Entry

Want more subscribers on your YouTube channel?

How to do a giveaway on YouTube?

Of course you do. It’s why you started the channel, after all.

Contests can now be a part of your marketing mix with our ‘Subscribe on YouTube’ entry method. Yep, that means you can ask your followers to enter your contest by subscribing to your YouTube channel!

We take care of all the details:

  • Keep track of all your entries
  • Set-up notification emails (if you choose) to your contestants including picking and notifying your winner
  • Discover who your fans really are with the in-depth statistics page included in your package.  You’ll have access to demographic and geographic information including age, sex, location, device used etc.

 Contest Statistics


YouTube subscription Entry is available in our top 3  packages:

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Creating a contest with this entry method is SIMPLE. Copy and paste your YouTube Channel ID, determine the number of points you want to give for a subscription and you’re good to go.

Getting your Channel ID
Visit your YouTube channel and you will see it in the address bar.

YOutube channel

Adding YouTube Subscribe Entry

Paste your channel ID here:

add Channel Id

Click here to get started now.

Try it out as a contestant below:  PS- Don’t like the colours and theme? No worries! You can customize your contest to look exactly how you want.
Social media contests by Rewards Fuel


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