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A Guide to Winning with Contest Marketing

If you regularly use contest marketing you know how powerful it can be! But you may ask yourself  “I run my own contests on social media, so why do I need to do anything different?”

The answer is simple, rather than achieving 1 or 2 marketing goals with a single contest, Rewards Fuel will help you achieve a multitude of marketing goals. You’ll run contests that not only boost your social media channels but also increase  your newsletter, YouTube subscriptions, even rsvps’s,  drive traffic and increase engagement.

Plus we keep track of all of your entries, gather statistics on your contestants including who your biggest influencers are. We can also automate notifications and winner picking, allow you to stylize your contest and much, much, more.  Here’s a few more benefits to contest marketing with Rewards Fuel:

Check out our full list of entry methods –> HERE


Statistics and Google Analytics:

If you’re only running your contests on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – you’re missing a valuable opportunity to gather the names, contact information and Influencer score of your contestants.

Our system to works directly with Google Analytics, providing you with vital statistics of your contestants so you can create strategic marketing plans, perfectly targeted towards your audience.


Kittyo Stats

We keep track of Your EntriesYou run contests right in Twitter, Facebook or Instagram because it’s simple, not only for you but for your contestants since they don’t have to visit any site or even login to enter. Well guess what? We do that too! For example, if someone Retweets to win on Twitter, our system will pick it up, enter that person automatically and monitor your contest to ensure that actions aren’t deleted or undone.



The same goes with Facebook RSVP entries!

No more manually gathering entries, no more risk of missing entries – we eliminate false or multiple entries so you don’t have to.

Extra Features:

Feeling inspired? Great! Get started on a contest today!

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Contest Demo

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