Visit A Website Entry: How to Boost Website Traffic

Visit A Website Entry: How to Boost Website Traffic

Nothing drives traffic to your website faster than a great giveaway!  That’s why we created the contest template called  ‘Visit Website Entry’. You encourage your audience to a visit a web page to enter and we keep track of who visits and automatically enter them into your contest.

“Ask your followers to visit your website to enter to win your contest – Rewards Fuel will keep track of all your contestants for you. “

Features Include: 

How to create a contest with Visit  Entry:

  • Choose ‘Visit Entry’ when you reach the entry method stage of your contest.

You’ll then be prompted to add more entry methods if you choose, add your prize and style your contest. 

visit Your Contest

That’s it! To further incentivize engagement on your website consider adding:

Additional Contest Tips:

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Happy Contesting!


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