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Boost WordPress Comments + Blog Traffic with Contests

wordpress comments

Boost WordPress comments and increase blog traffic with contest marketing. Ask your followers to comment on your WordPress blog post to enter to win your contest and Rewards Fuel will keep track of all your entries for you. You’ll have the option to send notifications to your contestants, invite them to enter again, award multiple winners over multiple days or even have Rewards Fuel pick your winners for you.

    How to Create your Contest to  Boost WordPress Comments + Blog Traffic:

  • If this is your first visit to our site, please take a look at the contest packages available and sign-up.
  • Next, install the Contests by Rewards Fuel plugin on your WordPress website.
  • Create your contest: Describe your contest, add images or videos and choose ‘wordpress comment entry’
  • Next, you can add more entry methods, or move forward to adding your prize.
  • Add points: The more points you add the more of a priority you are placing on that entry method.

How comment entry looks to your contestants


  • Statistics: We keep track of  all your contestants, including age, gender, location, device used to enter, etc.
  • Send notifications: Send updates to your contestants, invite your email list to enter, or have Rewards Fuel pick your winner(s) for you.
  • Choose multiple winners: Automate the software to choose multiple winners over multiple days and have Rewards Fuel send all the emails for you.
  • Style your Contest: Change, colors, fonts, images, use pictures, GIFs or videos or style it with CSS.
  • Digital prizes: No shipping costs and no hassle, give away tickets, software, videos, audio links, photos, gift cards and anything else that is uploadable (up to 100 megabytes).
  • Location targeting:  Block or target certain locations from entering your contest.
  • Rules: Use our automatic rules generator

Plan needed for to use WordPress comment entry

Marketing MasterPromoterPromoter Pro
WordPress comment entry is available on all paid plans.

You have over 30 different entry methods to choose from when creating your contest including:

Once that is complete you’re ready to launch your contest!

Questions or comments? Shoot us an email at

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