How to Create a Code Contest: Ask Your Tribe to Submit a Code to Win

code word contest

Now it’s quick and easy to create a code contest! This is perfect for marketers who want to have their audience fill in a code to enter to win your contest.

 “Ask your tribe to submit a code to enter to win your contest – we’ll keep track of all your contestants and pick your winner(s) for you.”

For example, have people visit a location to gain their code that they enter online or watch your YouTube video, listen to your podcast or radio show for the code, read your E-book, etc etc.

Features Include:

How to Create a Code Contest:

  1. Log in to your Rewards Fuel account – if you don’t have one yet, sign-up and choose our Promoter Pro Package.
  2. Follow the directions on this video and blog post until you reach the ‘Add more entry methods’ step. Choose ‘code entry.’

3. Choose to have contestants enter one code to enter, or set-up multiple codes. If you choose to use multiple codes, you will upload them in a CSV format.

4. We’ve provided a template that you can quickly download and use to enter your contest codes.

  • Code_word: Codes can be up to 250 characters and are not case sensitive. Combine numbers, letters and/or words. 
  • Single_use: This will make the keyword available for just one person.   Please enter 0 for allowing multiple people to enter your code and 1 if you want just one person to use it.
  • Points_per_entry: If you enter 0 here we will use the number of entry points you set up for the entry method.  You can change this number to whatever you like if you want to override the number of entry points you set up for this entry method.

An example of a code contest:

Edit text above the code box or change colours, fonts and layout if you choose.

Contest TIPS:

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