What’s New for 2020? Video Contests + Trade Show + Code Word Contests

It’s been a busy month for us at Rewards Fuel. We’ve created 2 new contest templates that make it quick and easy for you to launch your own video contests.🎯


1. Vote or Rate to Win: 

Ask your fans to rate or vote your videos to enter to win your contest.  Our friends at Wicked Bionic used this template to create a contest for WGN America asking fans to vote for their favorite Blue Bloods TV episode. The video contest brought in over 11 thousand votes + 2000 email addresses.

Find out how you can do it –> HERE. 


2. Submit to Win:

Ask your fans to submit a video to enter to win your contest. This is a great way to create user-generated content and engagement with your followers; plus create a fantastic collage on your website.  

Find out more about this contest type —-> HERE

Plus! Coming Soon:  

Trade Show Contests:  Ask attendees at a trade-show to fill out a form at your booth. 

Code Word Contests: Ask followers to watch your show or listen to your radio show/ podcast for a code word – then have them enter it on your website to enter to win your contest.

Please shoot us an email at info@rewardsfuel.com with any questions, comments or requests for custom-built entry methods (yes we do that).👊😊

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