How to Create a Private Contest: Unlock + Enter with a Secret Code

There’s a certain draw to exclusivity. Going to a private party, invite only, code words – they all spark a sense of curiosity and intrigue. Which is why we created the private contest aka code word contest.

“Have your contestants enter your private contest – only after submitting a secret code”

You have over 30 different entry methods to choose from when creating a contest, here’s some of the most popular.

  1. Facebook:  Increase Facebook likes  by asking followers to like your page to enter to win.
  2. Instagram: Boost your following PLUS create photo/video #hashtag contests to create user generated content.
  3. Twitter: Gain more twitter followers with a contest – we keep track of all retweets and replys of your contestants.
  4. YouTube:  Subscribe to your YouTube channel or watch your videos to enter your contest? Yep- you can do that too.
  5. Newsletter sign-ups: This is one of our most popular entry methods-we make sure all contestants are double-opted in.
  6. Mailchimp list keeper: Focus on newsletter retention by automatically entering everyone on your newsletter into your contest.
  7. Website traffic: Visit your website and/or comment on your blog to enter.
  8. Video marketing: Ask your followers to watch your videos to enter to win or have them submit videos to enter your contest.
  9. Trade shows: Bring more people to your booth with our quick contest creator for trade shows.
  10. Boost Shopify sales:  Ask contestants to review your Shopify store to enter  your contest.
(Check out our new contest style editor – creating an eye-catching contest is quicker + easier)

Additional Contest Features Include: 

Get started creating your private contest by following the directions in the YouTube video below:

If you have any questions or comments please shoot us an email at [email protected] – we’re happy to answer any questions and help you create your first contest.

Contest TIPS:

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